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UX/UI Designer, Škoda Auto

Human Machine Interface,
UX/UI, Conception


Škoda UX

I advocated for a user-centered design mindset and propelled the development of in-car HMI to a modern UX practice considering holistic customer experience.
Škoda had just initiated it's digital transformation when I was hired in 2017. In this context, I became part of a newly defined UX team within the design department. Our impact gradually expanded from the development of in-car human machine interfaces to co-creating a holistic customer experience.

My Role
Technically, my role had two main focus areas: Firstly envisioning the future in-car experience within concept cars to inform Skoda's long-term strategy. Secondly, redesigning the overarching Škoda Infotainment that has been rolled out in series-cars across the whole product portfolio. Moreover, I mentored and coached an intern.

Together with my colleagues, I set up and infused a modern UX practice with agile working and design thinking methodology. I was part of pioneering co-creation and usability testing within our way of working and thereby advanced the organisational UX maturity. By establishing a user-centered mindset we could break internal silos and create an efficient and collaborative UX culture.

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Developing an unpretentious and safe in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

For the first time, a Škoda Infotainment was heavily determined by users. We made this step possible by bringing departments and stakeholders together in multi-disciplinary structures. This paved the way for a joint and close collaboration with a user-centered perspective.

Concept Cars

Envisioning adaptive and truly seamless multi-channel interfaces for effortless use.

I was tasked to boost Škoda's future user interfaces to the next level by envisioning all-new interaction concepts. In a showcar project, I held full responsibility over project management regarding HMI and UX/UI. By introducing trend research and forecasting methods, I could map out future user needs.

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