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Autonomous demand-oriented carsharing

Coburg University & Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG | Team Partner: Achim Staude | 2016 - 2017 Gekko is an autonomous taxi for everyone. While matching the users taste it also reacts on their needs. Regardless to their age, purpose of use or disabilities. The design is combining the advantages of a public space with the privateness of your personal car without stigmatising the user.


Continuing urbanization in fast-growing metropolitan areas causes problems in traffic and infrastructure. More and more people share smaller space and have expectations of an increased standard of living. Here, mobility is a key factor. Transport users want to get to their destination faster, without giving up individuality, privacy or ease of use. Carsharing has the potential to unify personal demands and wishes with larger-scale requirements on society and environment.

But do shared vehicles currently fulfill those needs? How can urban traffic congestion be reduced? How can we design traveling time to be more efficient? And how can disabled people use carsharing as well?
Gekko is a concept that tries to come up with answers and is designed for a future when fully autonomous cars have been established. It makes use of latest technology in an appropriate and sustainable way.

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How can we encourage people to use shared cars?

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Considering The Users

Case studies gave answers and solutions for user adaptability and the feeling of being in a private car matching aspects of safety, hygiene and robustness.
The solutions were considered in a seating box with different people and scenarios regarding their use cases.

mother with child

wheelchair user


party group
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Explorative Sketching

With the target users in mind, concept ideas were developed by
basic sketches. Later in the form finding process, design opportunites
could be explored and the final design decided and realised.
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Private ↔ Public

With the large windows, the plane floor and clean lines the interior gives a spacious feel while the cosy materials and the personalized surroundings give a sense of intimacy. However, it strictly fulfils the requirements for public transport.


large interactive windows

digital interface on the pane, the reality behind

big and clear storage

hand luggage always visible and handy

living room atmosphere

floor in wood look and a sofa to feel good

floating seats

items falling under the seat are not gone forever

hygienic materials

easy-care and washable

ambient light

no matter if a cold work light or a warm relax light

barrier-free door

a two-winged door forms a ramp for easy access

lugage behind seats

barrier-free and uncomplicated without loading sill
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Modular Seating

The front seats are divided in two parts, that are fixed in a wall guide rail. Each of them can separately move and turn and thus offers a full flexibility of diverse use cases according to the amount of users and their needs.

Unfold Your Possibility

When ordering the car, it takes use of your user profile and your given data in order to automatically prepare the interior before arrival at the pick-up location.
In default mode, seats are hidden away behind the luggage compartment and can unfold if necessary.
project image
project image
project image
project image

More sophisticated individuality is reached by adjusting seats to the height and size of users.
If not all seats are required, a more generous feeling of personal space with straight view through the windshiled can be generated. In addition, the extended area provides space for luggage but can also acommodate wheelchairs, buggies and bulky objects for safe and comfortable transport.
project image
project image

Gekko has only one entrance door for increased safety. Like in a bus, travellers can enter straight from the pavement and don‘t need to interfere with the traffic on the street.
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